Autumn Newsletter 2018

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Summer Newsletter 2018

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Spring Newsletter

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Watch out for the turkey!

Christmas is a great time for pets – lots going on, lots of attention, games and treats and, for some, opportunities for mischief. Apparently 1 in 8 dog owners have had to seek veterinary help on Boxing Day! Much as we love to help, I’m sure you’d rather avoid seeing us over the festive season.  ...»

dog christmas jumper

In the month of December…

If your pet is to spend the holidays in boarding kennels, check their vaccinations (including Kennel Cough) are up to date, well in advance. Stock up with pet food, their regular medication and parasite control to last through the festive period. We also have some great treats & toys. If you are taking them with ...»

December Newsletter

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newfoundland dog christmas

Whats on your pet’s Christmas list?

Avoid the high street, and pop into our reception for presents that will give lasting pleasure all year round….   Jumpers – no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes! Many dogs will enjoy winter walks more with good well fitting weatherproof coats. Older dogs are comforted by warm house jumpers and snuggly warm ...»

sleeping cat

November: Winter is Coming!

Bonfire Night If your pet is afraid of fireworks (and most are) be prepared. Create a soundproof, comfortable den where your pet can feel safe. If you usually give medication to help, then talk to your vet as soon as possible as some treatments take several days to reach full effect. If your cat normally ...»

spaniel in woodland

October: Woodland walks & chilly nights

Safe Walkies:  Exercise is good for all of us but make sure you and your dog are highly visible, with luminous stickers, belts and collars. A small flashing bike light attached to his collar can also help you keep an eye on your dog when he disappears into the bushes! If you are aware of ...»

dog on a picnic blanket in sunshine

It’s Barbecue season!

What could be better for a warm summer’s evening than an impromptu barbecue party? However, it is worth giving some thought to your pets in advance, or you may be making an emergency visit to your vet! Overindulging: who can resist those appealing eyes? But when there a whole party of generous people your pet may ...»