In the month of December…

dog christmas jumper

If your pet is to spend the holidays in boarding kennels, check their vaccinations (including Kennel Cough) are up to date, well in advance.

Stock up with pet food, their regular medication and parasite control to last through the festive period. We also have some great treats & toys.

If you are taking them with you, take a favourite petbed or mattress so they know where to sleep in unfamiliar places.

On the big day itself:

  • Keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible and make time for a good walk in the fresh air.
  • Arrange to meet up with other dog owners and share some festive cheer and burn off a mince pie or two!
  • Be vigilant for ingenious food thieves… I am sure that your perfect Christmas Day does not include a visit to the vet for the ill effects of chocolate, mince pies or turkey bones!

As usual, we will be collecting pet food donations for local rescue centres, so drop into Reception if you’d like to contribute.

boy cuddling dogPets as Christmas Presents

Many a Christmas List for Santa will include fervent wishes for a pet, and both as a mum and a vet I believe there are few gifts that could bring so much lasting joy and health benefits to children and family alike.

However, this should be a carefully planned family project and not a Christmas Surprise!

Give a pair of pet themed Christmas socks and book an appointment with our Clinic Nurse in the New Year to discuss the best pet for you.

By Jacky Macqueen