Whats on your pet’s Christmas list?

newfoundland dog christmas

Avoid the high street, and pop into our reception for presents that will give lasting pleasure all year round….

  • Jumpers – no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes! Many dogs will enjoy winter walks more with good well fitting weatherproof coats. Older dogs are comforted by warm house jumpers and snuggly warm beds. 
  • Best outfits? a comfortable, well fitting harness keeps your dog safely under your control and makes walkies a pleasure. We stock colourful and stylish collars, leads and  harnesses to fit all shapes and sizes.
  • Hair Care – my particular favourites being the Nilaqua waterless shampoo, the Zoom Groom and the wonderful Furminator.
  • Games to play – durable, safe chews and throwing toys such as Kong and Safestix, or brain puzzles and feeding mazes. 
  • Foodie treats – do take your vet’s advice on the best diet, dental chews and  treats for your pet, considering its lifestyle, age and dental health. 
  • Gadgets – Magloc magnetic lead clips –  much easier to attach and detach particularly with cold fingers, Rogz collar lights, collars with retractable leads, car safety harnesses, drinking fountains and personalised cat flaps…

And for the big day we have Christmas jumpers, treats and toys too… But above all, what our pets need most is our company, attention and affection. 

Happy Christmas!

by Jacky Macqueen