Outpatient Services

We offer the following services via an outpatient
service to allow you to provide continuity of care and
autonomy to your own cases

Laparoscopic procedures
We offer Laparoscopic procedures on an
outpatient basis including laparoscopic spaying
of dogs and cats, cryptorchid castrations and
laparoscopic assisted gastropexy. If you have
any questions regarding additional
laparoscopic procedures, please contact us for
more information.

CT Scans
We offer CT scans on an outpatient basis. Refer
your case to us indicating what imaging you
require and we will conduct it for you. The report
will be sent directly to you to follow up with your
client and their pet.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in a wide
variety of cases from orthopaedic conditions to
conditioning for working dogs to mobility clinics
for geriatrics patients. Please contact us for more
information regarding how our physiotherapy
services can help your clients’ pets.