October: Woodland walks & chilly nights

spaniel in woodland

Safe Walkies: 

  • Exercise is good for all of us but make sure you and your dog are highly visible, with luminous stickers, belts and collars.
  • A small flashing bike light attached to his collar can also help you keep an eye on your dog when he disappears into the bushes!
  • If you are aware of an older dog owner who may find winter walking tricky, do offer to take their dog along too.
  • Be aware that conkers, apple pips, acorns and some toadstools are very poisonous.

Winter-proof your rabbit hutch:

Your rabbits’ home should be waterproof, draught-proof, damp-proof, dry and well-ventilated. The best thing may be to move the hutch into an outhouse.

A cosy bed should be provided and exercise opportunities. Or you may consider bringing your bunny indoors for the winter.

Remember remember…

As 80% of pet owners have pets fearful of fireworks, now is the time to get ready: see your vet or clinic nurse about the various medications and pheromones that can help your pet to cope.

A Thundershirt is a natural way of comforting pets. Build a den or safe haven for your pet to retreat into when the fireworks start. This should be covered and in a quiet place. Provide lots of comfortable bedding and favourite toys and treats.

by Jacky Macqueen