Summer’s Here!

Pets need sunblock too!

Pets with white ear-tips and noses need SPF 30 to prevent skin cancer and sunburn.

Many sunscreens contain chemicals that are poisonous if licked off, so it is best to use products suitable for pets or infants.

Feeling hot hot hot!

Hot spots or acute moist dermatitis is commonly seen in dogs with long hair or thick undercoats. Bright red sore patches suddenly appear which are intensely itchy and painful.

The hair should be gently trimmed away from the sore area and gently cleansed with mild antiseptic. A visit to the vet is usually best so that further treatment and pain relief can be prescribed.


In the hot weather cats frequently take advantage of cool garages and sheds.

So please check carefully for feline guests before closing doors, especially when going away.

Friendly Feline Visitors?

Many of us love cats and find it difficult to resist fussing and even feeding a friendly visitor.

However, many such felines already have loving owners who become concerned when their pet loses their appetite.

They may also be under treatment for a chronic condition such as an allergy or kidney failure that requires a special diet.

Be bunny bottom aware!

The warm weather is bringing out the flies and recent studies have shown that, sadly, 45% of rabbits affected by fly-strike did not survive. Older and plumper bunnies were found to be at a higher risk.

Please be extra vigilant over hygiene, check them twice a day and apply Rearguard™ for protection.

by Jacky Macqueen