June: The summer holidays are coming!

spaniel Dog on beach, holiday

Going away?

Check that your pet’s booster vaccinations are up to date and their rooms are booked at the pet hotel of your choice.

If your pets travel abroad with you, it is vital to check that their passports are up to date and that you see your vet for the latest parasite control advice for your destination: www.esccapuk.org.uk.

It is no longer a legal requirement to apply tick treatment before your return, but please do! European ticks carry several life-threatening diseases and are beginning to gain a foothold in the UK.

Fin out our latest travel advice.

Cats lend a paw at exam time!

A recent survey of cat-owning teenagers showed that the majority agree that spending time with their pet can reduce exam stress, & helped to calm their nerves when studying. This follows many other studies showing that pets can help to reduce stress & even lower blood pressure!

Rabbit Awareness Week 17-25th June: we’ll be offering free rabbit checks and lots of advice on how to keep your pet healthy & happy.

This year’s campaign #HoptoHay highlights the vital part hay should play in your rabbits’ diet. High quality feeding hay (not bedding hay) and fresh grass should make up 85-90% of their food, which is equal to their body size every day!

The rabbit has constantly growing teeth and a specially adapted gut to process this fibrous material. Sadly, many of the health problems we see in pet rabbits are due to incorrect feeding.

There is more info on rabbit care at www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk.

Happy holidays!

by Jacky Macqueen