Pets get osteo-arthritis too!

Dog in Lavender

Did you know that 20% of dogs over one year old, and 80% of dogs over eight years old suffer from osteo-arthritis? Your dog cannot tell you that his joints hurt, and the signs may be quite subtle e.g. avoiding slippery floors, licking his joints, or showing changes in gait.

The good news is, detected early enough, a lot can be done to slow the progression of the disease. Our vets, clinic nurses and physiotherapist will work with you to choose the best way to manage your pet’s condition and keep them happy and enjoying active life.

Our clinic nurses can advise you on:

a) Keeping them slim – any extra weight puts more load on aching joints, and fatty tissue produces inflammatory chemicals which makes their pain worse

b) Effective dietary supplements

c) Suitable exercise, hydrotherapy and joint mobility exercises

d) Loving care – soft supportive beds, ramps and non-slip runners on slippery floors.

and we can help your pet with:

K-laser therapy which is a very effective and comforting treatment for sore joints; Cartrophen injections which stimulate cartilage healing and, when appropriate, the regular use of anti-inflammatory medications.

For more severe cases, we offer specialised regenerative joint injections and routinely perform hip and elbow replacements, returning pets to active, pain-free lives.

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by Jacky Macqueen