New member of the Family?

puppy new member of the family

Thinking of getting a new puppy?

We are all used to buying whatever we want off the internet, but this is not the best way to choose your next dog. Sadly, this route provides an easy outlet for puppy farmers, thieves and smugglers.

Book in to see our clinic nurse to discuss choosing your new pet, check out for breed rescue societies and registered breeders with pups available.

Fat cat?

Has your feline friend been living the good life this winter, and put on some extra padding? Unfortunately obesity has health risks such as diabetes, cystitis and reduced quality of life.

Weight loss should be carefully controlled and gradual; our nursing team run an excellent slimming club.

Alabama Rot

This rare and nasty disease in dogs has reappeared this winter, in many locations including a sad case from Hindon in South Wiltshire.

Please keep a close eye out for sores on your dog and have them checked by your vet. It is best to avoid muddy woodland walks, and to wash your dogs clean of mud when you get home.

Bird flu

An outbreak has occurred in wild birds in Dorset. This strain poses no risk to human health but it is highly infectious and deadly to birds. For tips and updates on how to protect your own birds check out

If you find any dead wild waterfowl or gulls, or several dead wild birds in the same place, please report them to the Defra helpline (03459 33 55 77).

by Jacky Macqueen