New Year, New Things

dog bouncing in grass

New Year Resolutions:

So what are yours going to be? Mine certainly include losing weight, getting fitter, trying more leisure activities or just having more time for relaxation and fun.

Pets can be key for all these and, once involved, they make great personal trainers: ”So what if it’s raining, Mum? It’s time for my walk!” How about joining a dog agility club: get fit and learn together?

Is your pet in perfect shape?

When did your pet last have a health check? I am frequently amazed by the way a pet may bravely soldier on with severely painful conditions, such as multiple dental abscesses or severe arthritis, but when the problem is treated will take on a complete new lease of life! Many chronic illnesses may be misinterpreted as ‘aging’ when in fact with treatment your pet could return to full activity.

Any annoying habits?

Undesirable behaviour such as jumping up, soiling in the house, chewing and poor recall can affect your relationship with your pet.

Many undesirable behaviours arise from lack of exercise, mental stimulation or training, a lack of understanding of your pet’s natural behaviour, or even medical problems. Book in for a behaviour appointment with our clinic nurse.

New challenges?

• Join the wonderful Pets as Therapy charity so that your pet can bring joy & love to people in hospital, nursing homes and special schools.

• Become a foster home or helper for pet charities such as the Cinnamon Trust or Cat Action Trust.

By Jacky Macqueen