April: Easter Egg Hunt?

This is a time when we stock up on chocolate treats, but please remember our dogs are very good at helping themselves! Whilst white and milk chocolate may cause tummy upsets, dark chocolate and cocoa powder are very poisonous to dogs.

Please contact your vet immediately if you discover an incident of chocolate rustling or a chocolate cake has been scoffed. The severity of the poisoning is proportional to the theobromine content of the chocolate and the weight of your dog.

Cats are natural hunters:

Feline behaviourists now believe that indoor cats are much happier and healthier if their strong predatory instincts can be fulfilled. Our usual approach of feeding our pets from a bowl does not meet their innate need to repeatedly hunt, catch and play with small items of food before eating.

We can improve their quality of life by using puzzle feeders or things like this innovative ‘artificial mouse’ from www.nobowlcat.com. Tips for making home-made puzzle feeders are available from www.foodpuzzlesforcats.com.

Best bunny food:

The most important part of your pet’s diet should be good quality hay and fresh grass, supplemented with a portion of extruded nuggets. Rabbits also enjoy fresh vegetables and fruit but introduce new foods gradually to avoid digestive upsets.

Many ‘traditional’ bunny treats like carrots, lettuce and dandelions are now known to produce health problems if fed in large quantities.

Check www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk for lists of suitable foods.

by Jacky Macqueen