Laparoscopic Spays

We now offer this specialised service to our patients as an alternative to the traditional ovaro-hysterectomy.


We believe that the benefits of this method of neutering are:

  • Your pet will feel less pain, both immediately on recovery and in the post-operative period, and recover more quickly.
  • They are usually able to return to normal life within 3 days, to be allowed off the lead and up and down stairs.
  • There is evidence that this technique has fewer post-operative complications than the traditional spay.

How is it done?

Lap. spaying is minimally invasive, involving passing a camera and specialised instruments through tiny incisions in the body wall. Using the camera, the surgeon can see the images on a TV monitor, which shows a clear and magnified view.
The ovaries are located, the blood vessels precisely cauterised, and the ovarian tissue removed with minimum trauma and bruising to surrounding structures.

Who’s doing the op?

Mario Antignani, Carly Smith and Katie Baross have long experience in the keyhole spay technique.

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How long does the operation take? 

Time under anaesthesia depends on the patient, but is usually around an hour. Patients recover very quickly, and go home the same day.

When can my bitch have a laparoscopic spay?

As with our normal spays, the surgery can be done from 20 weeks of age, provided that she is not showing signs of false pregnancy or mammary development.

  • before her first heat;
  • Three months after her season has finished.

If you have any questions about laparoscopic spays, please give us a call on 01380 728505.