Autumn walkies!

spaniel in woodland

It’s great fun to get out into the woods and fields in the bright autumn days.

1. Hidden dangers: fallen leaves can hide sharp debris so watch out for injuries. Even a small cut can be very deep, leading to profuse bleeding or severed tendons.

2. Beasties: the undergrowth harbours ticks and harvest mites. The mite larvae appear as red or orange dust on your pet’s skin, particularly between the toes and on the tummy and they cause intense irritation. Do keep the parasite prevention going.

3. Tempting snacks: beware fallen fruit – the pips are very poisonous, as are acorns, conkers and many mushrooms. Conkers and sweet corn husks can also cause gut blockages. It is best to take a safe throwing toy with you to distract him from unsuitable playthings. This is a peak time for rodents, so there will be a lot of bait about. The poisoned creatures and the bait are both deadly so if you suspect your pet has eaten any, please bring him in to us at once.

‘Remember remember’… firework season is approaching and time to start your preparations to help your pets cope with the bangs. This may involve building a den where they feel safe, stocking up on pheromones and talking to our clinic nurses about the best way to help your anxious companions.

by Jacky Macqueen