COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here.

Our main concerns are:

  • A) Minimising face to face contact with our clients, as normal consultations take at least 15 minutes, are in a shared air space and involve being less than 2m apart.
  • B) Handling pets from many households who might carry the virus on their fur or mucous membranes
  • C) Caring for sick pets involves many procedures that require our vets and nurses to work closer than 2 metres, even within 1 metre. So an asymptomatic team member carrying COVID-19 could easily infect their colleagues, the workplace and potentially our clients.
  • D) If any member of the team became sick or tested positive, Track and Trace could result in our practice no longer being able to provide even necessary emergency care to our patients.

So for the protection of our clients, our team and so that we may continue to care for your pets:

  • We continue to keep our practice building closed to clients. All our consults are carried out without the owner present: using video and telephone consults, and by pets being collected from the car park. We request that you respect our need to maintain this 2m distance.
  • The vet and nurse examine your pet in the consulting room and communicate by phone.
  • Our clinical team has now been split strictly into two teams of vets, nurses and receptionists who work in the practice on alternate days.
  • These teams are further subdivided into vet-nurse teams who work closely together.
  • We have also installed a portacabin where vets and nurses can work completely separately from the team in the building.
  • We have set up a free direct postal service option for our Healthy Pet Club members, and have introduced OurVetShop, a direct postal ordering service for parasiticides, food and other medicine for our clients’ convenience and to save visits to the practice.
  • To reduce the number of people in the building, many of our team are working from home, answering the phones, helping with advice and nurse consults, payments, accounts and insurance. They all have access to the practice records and the telephone system.
  • Throughout 2021 we will continue to provide the best service that we can, mindful of the safety of our clients and team.