Please vote for Helen! We are delighted that Helen has been nominated for this award. She has been a staunch member of our qualified nursing team since 2004 apart from a short maternity break. She is passionate about all aspects of surgical nursing and in patient care. She successfully passed the demanding CertVNECC a real ...»

cat in tree

Oh No… My Cat needs to visit the vet!

Very few cats actually enjoy visiting the vet… many will do a disappearing act even at the mention of the word ‘vet’ or the arrival of the dreaded cat basket! Then, with the challenging task of fitting the suddenly enormous and multi-legged creature into the travel basket, followed by a car ride accompanied by the ...»

cat-friendly-clinic header

It’s Official : We’re passionate about cats!

We are delighted to have been recognised as a GOLD Cat Friendly Clinic. We understand that taking your cat to the vets can be a very stressful experience for both of you. Over the years we have placed great importance on the different needs of our feline patients and developed our practice approach and facilities ...»

Puppy Party Graduates, April 2018

Puppy Party Graduations : April

Every month, our puppy party graduates receive a certificate and a jolly good cuddle! Puppies usually graduate after attending 3 parties. 6. Bounding Bingley the Labrador A super, lively puppy who enjoys life! Bingley enjoyed the parties from the start, meeting the other puppies & particularly enjoyed playing with the ‘Kong Wobbler’ to find the ...»

Summer Newsletter 2018

Here’s our Summer 2018 newsletter:

Dog in Lavender

Beware of the tick!

Ticks are very common nowadays, and Wiltshire and the New Forest are known to have particularly high populations. This is due to climate change and the massive increase in the numbers of wild deer. (Deer numbers are at their highest since the middle ages!) Another concern is the European tick species who are entering the ...»

Everyone loves an Easter Egg Hunt!

This is a time when we over-indulge on chocolate treats, but please remember our dogs are very good at helping themselves! Whilst white and milk chocolate may cause tummy upsets, dark chocolate and cocoa powder are very poisonous to dogs. Please contact your vet immediately if you discover an incident of chocolate rustling or chocolate cake ...»

Spring Newsletter

Here’s our Spring 2018 newsletter:

puppy new member of the family

New member of the Family?

Thinking of getting a new puppy? We are all used to buying whatever we want off the internet, but this is not the best way to choose your next dog. Sadly, this route provides an easy outlet for puppy farmers, thieves and smugglers. Book in to see our clinic nurse to discuss choosing your new ...»

Alabama Rot Alert!

Dog owners please be vigilant, as this mysterious disease has claimed the lives of six more dogs this November. The cause is unknown, but the disease is seen in dogs following walks in muddy woods during November to May. Although rare, there have been several cases in our local area in the last two winters, ...»